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refectoryaudience.JPGA typical show from THE PRETEND BEATLES will be more than 30 songs from across The Beatles career divided into two sets of at least 45 mins each (or one long set of 90mins) or longer sets by prior arrangement.

Usually in the first set the band wear costumes of the Beatles earlier performing years. For the second set, the band usually wears later period Beatle costume, such as "Shea Stadium" or "Abbey Road". Both sets include songs from across the Beatles career 1962-1970. The photo shows THE PRETEND BEATLES playing at a recent function at legendary venue LEEDS UNIVERSITY REFECTORY, where THE WHO LIVE AT LEEDS was recorded. 

As well as the costume changes, the band use the same type of guitars that the Beatles used on their recordings and authentic style amps and drums which helps them achieve the period sounds and also the look of the Beatles across the years.
* The Pretend Beatles *
Fin plays Paul, and has been performing in bands for over 20 years, as a bass player and singer, playing a variety of music, covers and tribute. Fin's bass playing is exceptional, capturing all of Paul's nuances with ease and singing Paul's vocal melodies and harmonies with confidence. Fin has previously worked with one of the major UK Roxy Music tributes, at many of the UK's most prestigious venues. He has been performing as Paul in The Pretend Beatles for over 4 years. Fin uses Hofner Violin Basses, and a "Tallstack" Vox bass amplifier head and cabinet.
Rich plays George, and has done for almost 6 years. He has been playing original songs, covers and various tributes for more than 20 years, including Tom Petty, and Jeff Lynne. Rich uses Vox AC30 or AC50 amplifiers, and a variety of Beatles-authentic Gretsch, Rickenbacker, Gibson, Epiphone and Fender guitars. His playing is pure George, not just for the musical content, but also the "feel" which George imparted to his playing, most notably in solos. He can also closely mimic George's distinctive singing voice. Watch out for Rich's rendition of George's "Something". A true classic!
Steve has been playing in Beatles tribute bands as John for over 6 years, at a variety of venues including theatres and cruise ships. He uses period-correct Rickenbacker and Epiphone guitars, through Vox AC15 and AC30 amps. Steve prides himself on being able to belt out a song powerfully, when needed, just like John, but also carrying a melody nicely for the quieter, more subtle numbers, while matching John's jangling, rhythmic guitar sound perfectly. 
Neil plays Ringo, and manages to catch Ringo's charm and wit perfectly, often raising a laugh or two with the audience on the night. Neil has been playing for over 20 years, in a variety of bands, all over the UK. Neil captures Ringo's quirky but huge & solid drum style perfectly, using a vintage Ludwig kit, and is a big part of the musical accuracy that The Pretend Beatles achieve. Neil can also be relied upon to sing some Ringo classics in Ringo's unique singing style. 
* Very occasionally, as is the case in any theatrical show, there may be a slight change to one of the cast for the odd performance, but the understudy is always one of our highly professional musician friends who are fully experienced in playing the role.

 [UK Tribute band to The Beatles]
The Pretend Beatles will consider gigs across the UK and worldwide. In terms of where they’re based, it's in Yorkshire and the North West, so if you need a Beatles Tribute in Sheffield, a Beatles Tribute in Leeds, a Beatles Tribute in Harrogate, a Beatles Tribute in Nottingham, a Beatles Tribute in York, a Beatles Tribute in Birmingham, a Beatles Tribute in Manchester, a Beatles Tribute in Liverpool, a Beatles Tribute in Wales, a Beatles Tribute in Scotland or a Beatles tribute in North West or North East for example, you may find we are nearest and any band that travels less reduces the travelling costs of the fee, saving you money. We are a frequent London Beatles Tribute and Wedding band. Remember - we don’t bootleg – we pretend! Beatles Pretend! Cheapest Beatles tribute band? Most affordable Beatles tribute band? For an important event, quality is key, not tat! We are a competitively priced top quality Beatles tribute offering quality, reliability and good value. If you are in Rotherham, Rochdale, Chester, Preston, Bolton, Burnley, Huddersfield, York, Harrogate.
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