BEATLES TRIBUTE BAND THE PRETEND BEATLES (also Beatles Wedding Band for all UK, North and South)


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Above are a few selected shots from recent theatre shows by The Pretend Beatles.
Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote via email, phone, text or via our (new) facebook page.
Phone (call or text): (+44) 07746 505906
If in any doubt or have any questions or queries, just ask. The band are very friendly. We realise that you may not have all the details when you are contacting us for a quote in the first instance, so please just give us what you can.
As a guide, information about your event that is helpful when we are sending you a quote is as follows:
a) type of event (e.g. wedding, birthday, concert, etc.)
b) location of event (town/city and if possible postcode and venue details)
c) date of the event (speaks for itself)
d) band start time & end time and set lengths (If you don't know exactly at this point, that's fine - you could just say "2 x 45mins sets between 8pm and 11pm" etc.) (The band can easily set up and be ready to play within 90mins of arrival time, e.g. the band can arrive at 6.30pm and be playing from 8pm providing they can get into the room and set up from when they arrive) 
e) approximate size of audience (mainly for PA size required - just very approximate is fine) 
f) your name and contact number / email (so we can give you the quote / info)

 [UK Tribute band to The Beatles]
The Pretend Beatles will consider gigs across the UK and worldwide. In terms of where they’re based, it's in Yorkshire and the North West, so if you need a Beatles Tribute in Sheffield, a Beatles Tribute in Leeds, a Beatles Tribute in Harrogate, a Beatles Tribute in Nottingham, a Beatles Tribute in York, a Beatles Tribute in Birmingham, a Beatles Tribute in Manchester, a Beatles Tribute in Liverpool, a Beatles Tribute in Wales, a Beatles Tribute in Scotland or a Beatles tribute in North West or North East for example, you may find we are nearest and any band that travels less reduces the travelling costs of the fee, saving you money. We are a frequent London Beatles Tribute and Wedding band. Remember - we don’t bootleg – we pretend! Beatles Pretend! Cheapest Beatles tribute band? Most affordable Beatles tribute band? For an important event, quality is key, not tat! We are a competitively priced top quality Beatles tribute offering quality, reliability and good value. If you are in Rotherham, Rochdale, Chester, Preston, Bolton, Burnley, Huddersfield, York, Harrogate.
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